Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Actors who want to move ahead the quickest, Study the Most.


It’s true that If an actor has natural talent coming in, usually their path towards becoming “Camera Ready” will move forward at a much faster pace. The more time an actor spends in front of cameras, practicing audition and performance techniques, with a great coach guiding them, the faster they become “Camera Ready”.

“Camera Ready” means an actor is ready to be out Auditioning, Booking Jobs and Working on Professional Union Sets, opposite other  professional union actors.

“Camera Ready” means an actor has the ability to work in any emotional state required of their character, naturally and believably, take after take, no matter how many takes you’re asked to do.

“Camera Ready” means your character type, attitude, personality, wants and needs, track from beginning to end.

“Camera Ready” allows your Agent and Manager to trust that if they put in the work to get you the auditions, you have the skills to prepare your material, bring a character life from the inside out, book jobs, take any direction, or redirection, given between takes, and possess the ability and know how to implement those directions immediately, effectively and believably on screen.

PROFESSIONAL ACTORS GET COACHED FOR EVERY AUDITION, whenever they have access to the copy in advance. In fact, the most reputable LA Agents and Managers INSIST their clients get coached, for every audition and callback they get. This insures the actor goes in doing the best work they possibly can for the role. Working with a strong coach helps you to break down the scenes/sides, make unique choices, find your beat/actions, build your inner life and emotional memories. Once coached, an actor goes in able to put their best foot forward and give the casting director, writer, director and producers a viable casting option, for the role you’re auditioning for.

What’s the WINNING Scenario
Towards Becoming “Camera Ready” the Fastest?
Combining Weekly Classes with Private Coaching!
The Best Combination for actors who want to get working the soonest, is to attend as many weekly Camera Acting Classes as possible, combined with Weekly, or Bi-weekly, Private Coaching Sessions.

Why Private Coaching?

These one-on-one hours are tailored to each actor’s specific, individual needs, with detailed, analytical direction to help actors identify their greatest assets, needs and shortcomings.

Private Coach Sessions Include Playback, an invaluable tool to show actors what they’re doing and not doing on camera. Your coach will point out what needs improvement, in every aspect of your on-screen presence. Is there tension in your face? Are you becoming a character from the inside out? Is your character tracking from beginning to end? Do you have volcanoes of emotion boiling inside, with very little showing on the outside? Are your eyes darting to ceilings and walls? Are you coming across as a real person? Talking conversationally to someone, or just reading memorized lines? Are you becoming a rich, layered character, with feelings, wants and needs?

Once all your diligence starts paying off, then your best work has the chance to be what the producers want to cast, in any given role you’re up for.

In Addition to Private Coaching, Camera Acting Classes are Essential for All Actors Training. Classes are a safe place to learn and grow, with the added benefit of getting to see how other actors bring the same material to life. And, it’s where an actor gets to interact with other actors, something we’re asked to do in many auditions, commercials, callbacks, chemistry reads, screen tests, and, of course, on set, in nearly every TV and Film project we’re cast in.

“Too Green” is Industry Code for…
“Don’t send that actor back to me for 2 years, until they’ve gotten their Camera Acting Technique down.” Casting Directors know that’s how long it usually takes most good actors to become “Camera Ready.” However, once an actor is studying regularly, they usually improve with each and every class. Several of my AZ, now LA, working actors, who religiously attended 2-3 classes a week and a weekly private coaching session, accelerated the process to a year and a half, then headed off to LA and have had been moving forward with their careers ever since! And guess what…they’re STILL STUDYING and getting coached for every audition they go on.

Be prepared. GET COACHED!

Don’t blow the chances you’re lucky enough to get in this highly competitive industry. Actors never want to burn bridges, only build them. Therefore you must always do great auditions, so you’ll be remembered in a positive light, by the people who can help you move forward. Every audition counts if you want to become a working actor in either of the big markets.

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