Camera Acting Classes

Camera Acting Classes at the Phoenix Film Institute are Ongoing, as the Entertainment Industry Casts projects all year long. Actors must keep their skills in top shape, as one never knows when their next audition might come.

Camera Acting Classes Focus On:

  1. Audition Techniques:
    • Detailed Intuitive Script Analysis
    • Character Creation
    • Actions/Beats/Intentions
    • Attitudes/Personality/Core
    • Improvisation for Film and Television
    • Building Emotional Memories/Inner Life
    • Psychological Characters Structures: How Insides Reflect Outsides
    • Slates that Make Or Break You!
    • The Method
    • Imagination/Becoming
    • Sense Memory
    • Working From the Inside Out/The Outside In
    • Center of Movement
    • Presence/In The Moment
    • Listening/Gut Reacting
    • Emotional Triggers
    • Your Best Comedic Character
    • Agent/Casting Director/Producer/Director/Manager Meetings
    • Tools For Success in Any Audition Situation.
  2. Performance Skills:
    • Personal Preparation
    • Close Up/Medium/Wide Shot Techniques
    • Matching/Continuity
    • Eyeline/Think Spots/Cheating
    • Modulation/Layering
    • Creating Screen Chemistry
    • Listening/Reactive/In the Moment
    • Direct To Camera Shots/Camera as Voyeur/Combination of Both
    • Interaction with Staff/Crew
    • On Set Responsibilities

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